Our suite of services includes everything you need to conceive and execute a comprehensive direct marketing campaign.


Strategic Planning

You need a comprehensive plan that integrates all direct marketing channels with appropriate targeting, the right mix, and excellent timing, to generate the response you are looking for.  The Perrone Group partners with you to create a strategic plan that blends all these factors into one comprehensive plan. Our staff acts as an extension of your team, putting your measurable success at the heart of every project we collaborate on together.

Copy Writing

The success of a campaign is often found within the simple words which deliver your message, and our writers are passionate about bringing those words to life.

Creative Design

The natural talent and professional experience of our staff come together to produce quality creative concepts aligned with your brand and strategic goals. Our skilled professionals know how to capture attention and trigger response with a focus on ROI.  Concept, strategy, graphics, and copy are unified to produce print and interactive materials that bring you results.

Data Intelligence

Your database is your most valuable asset. Our goal is to lower your costs and improve the performance of your mailings by going beyond the standard list clean-up.  In addition to our merge/purge and de-duping capabilities, we optimize your data through list hygiene, zip code validation, postal optimization, pre-sorting, CASS™ processing and NCOA services.


Perrone Group offers total versatility and quality control in our printing, mailing and online services. Sending a unique message to each of your targets is the essence of direct marketing. The Perrone Group gives you the option to send variable print, e-mail, landing pages, and phone messaging to every person in your database.  You can rely on the Perrone Group to consistently deliver high quality, on-time, on-budget execution.

Direct Mail – Direct mail is the cornerstone of all direct marketing. Today’s sophisticated direct mail communication includes targeted messaging, variable data processing and personalization techniques. These methods create an emotional pull for your message and appeal directly to your target.

E-Mail – Following up a direct mail program and repeating your message with an e-mail blast is a sure fire way to increase response. Adding this layer to your direct marketing program is cost effective and essential to building depth to your message.

PURLs – It’s all about you. Personalized web pages let targets know that you are speaking directly to them about programs and concerns that touch their lives, and effect issues they care about. When your target knows what’s in it for them personally, they respond.

Targeted Testing

Successful direct marketing programs are built by better identifying market interest and willingness to respond through testing.  We can help you test messaging, timing, packaging and other criteria with a select sample of your target market. Following each phase of your campaign, we analyze the results and leverage them for all future waves. We are continually evolving your program for optimal return.